Finnish women too are not satisfied with their bodies. National broadcasting company Yle will cover this story!

It is the third week since the Foreign Correspondents‘ Program began. Time flies. I never thought that we would go through all the subjects so quickly. We were just getting to know each other and in few more days it would be time to say goodbye.

Today we were divided into small groups to see how big Finnish medias tell their news or stories. I was assigned to a group which will go to Yle, ...  (continue reading)

What’s your hobby?

That is the usual question people ask me when we meet for the first time. It is quite boring and I often don’t know what to answer. I don’t watch movies that much, I don’t exercise or do yoga, and I don’t drink.

But recently, I found the perfect answer: “Exploring new worlds”. Never heard of that answer? Yes, it’s an original one by me.

A person like me who gets bored easily is always ...  (continue reading)