A brief resumé of Finland

For the newcomer to Finland, this day 1 of FCP 2016 could have been a perfect introduction to the art of Finnishness. For the 12 of us – some of us being here for the first time in 20, 18 or 7 years – we could finally catch up with the country and jump straight into it.

A short briefing with Kai Mykkänen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, updated us on current affairs with ...  (continue reading)

Seven years of friendship

August 1st, 7 years ago. I embarked on a plane to one of the most unforgettable journey of my life. I arrived in Helsinki straight out of a postgraduate journalism degree in Paris. I had experienced Finland many times as a tourist but knew nothing about life there, except for saunas, Santa, mosquitos and Moomins. It was my first post studies experience. Like a gateway to professional life. I had ...  (continue reading)