Experiences of conducting interviews in Helsinki

What a day was yesterday! During the FCP every day something new and unexpected happens. The programme is so dense that it feels as if we arrived here many days ago already, but in fact Wednesday was only the third day of our stay here.

In addition to the common meetings, we also started to work on our individual assignments. I remember in 1998 one of the several striking moments was to interview ...  (continue reading)

What does Finland mean to me?

Finland was truly important for me, both as a person and as a journalist. Between 1996 and 2004, I was there 6 times, out of which only one in the wintertime. For sure, the most striking visit was through the YJP in 1998.

I participated in many programmes for journalists but I can say that the YJP was really the best one, for the format, the approach, how people working with us was helpful, the group ...  (continue reading)