A Safe and Sustainable Space for Youth in Circularity!

By Careen Joel

My name is Careen Joel Mwakitalu, FCP 2022 representative from Tanzania. First things first, I have been drowning with excitement recently because of the coming FCP programme in Helsinki. I feel like it is a timely opportunity for me as I look to scale up my career through learning and exchange opportunities.

Tanzania is a country bearing many opportunities when it comes to issues around sustainability and circular economy, as we have a systemic change in public and private sectors adopting sustainable ways of running. So is that preceding fact for the media sector which avails a strategic role to translate and inform communities of this vital change. As a young journalist passionate about climate action and sustainability it is core to my career that I grow with this transition and do as much as I can to tell the right stories regarding the issues.

My work centers around the creation of creative pieces of media that lands the message on sustainability and our role as communities. I have worked with local and international organizations to advocate, create content and include as many voices as we can in the fight against climate change. Through my initiative ‘No Taka’ which is a mobile eco hub I extend my contribution, welcome to read the blog and visit the website

My visit to Helsinki is very important to me because I have always viewed Finland as a source of inspiration and learning hub especially with issues around sustainability and circular economy. Finland has largely advanced its efforts to provide safe and sustainable social spaces for its people and there are many lessons/solutions as a person and as a Country, Tanzania can learn and replicate.

I am so excited to participate in the programme. I can’t wait to meet all the other participants and learn about their culture, as well as every one I’ll meet in Finland. I am looking forward to a lot of eye-opening experiences, trying new food, galvanizing conversations and a lot of fun!

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