A good start

It’s finally here, I’m finally here! First impressions are important and, for me, my first impression of Finland was surprising – in a good way.

I expected Helsinki to be more big-city-like, many people on the streets, lots of cars, sort of noisy… But it was very different and very calm: people riding their bicycles, walking their dogs, chilling on the beach. It was a very nice surprise.

One of the things I have been looking forward to while I’m here is sampling some good coffee, which I did right away. It was not even closely as strong as I expected it to be. In Ethiopia, coffee basically means a strong, very dark espresso-like drink. It was good that I brought with me some from home! I was also able to go to the beach with a few of the participants (friends now) to get to know them a little more. We now also have a WhatsApp group to help us keep in touch – thanks to Fabienne!

I have met most of the participants of this programme and am very pleased to have met them. Everyone is friendly and fun, and there is a good amount of enthusiasm in there, which I think means we can expect some pretty amazing times ahead of us. 🙂

I can honestly say I’m even more excited about my trip now. I’m looking forward to exploring the city more, learn more about the way of life as it is, bearing in mind that it is undoubtedly very different from where I’m from. I’m looking forward to talking to all the participants and learning about them as well.

Here is a link to little something by Fabienne about our Finnish August.

Wishing everybody a wonderful stay!

Let the fun begin.

Author: Eskedar - Ethiopia

Eskedar Kifle is a senior reporter at one of the leading economic newspapers in Ethiopia. “I believe being exposed to a new environment and society is always good for anybody as it helps broaden the way we think. This is especially true for a journalist, as different views and angles always contribute to a better story.”

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  1. Just curious. Are you aware that your prime minister studied in Tampere?

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